70s Blue Eyeshadow Looks: How to Perfect the Iconic Retro Style

Discovering the Charm of 70s Blue Eyeshadow Looks

The 1970s stand out as an era of bold styles and self-expression, captured perfectly by the use of vibrant blue eyeshadow. This guide is designed to help fashion enthusiasts recreate those iconic 70s blue eyeshadow looks, melding retro allure with contemporary techniques for a look that resonates today.

The Rise of Colorful Makeup in the 70s

A departure from the subdued palettes of the 60s, the 1970s makeup scene was adventurous, embracing glitter and gloss for dynamic day-to-night ensembles. Blue eyeshadow, especially, became synonymous with the decade’s disco zeal, sported by celebrities and the fashion-conscious public alike.

Selecting Your Shade of Blue

The key to nailing a genuine 70s vibe lies in choosing the right blue. Whether it’s the calmness of sky blue, the intensity of cobalt, or the vibrancy of electric blue, the color must align with your complexion, eye color, and the occasion you’re dressing for.

Sky Blue: The Daytime Delight

Sky blue presents a whimsical, lighter choice ideal for a daytime ensemble that whispers of the 70s without overwhelming.

Cobalt Blue: The Evening Drama

For evening endeavors, cobalt blue offers the depth and drama reminiscent of the era’s extravagant fashion statements.

Electric Blue: The Audacious Choice

And for the truly daring, electric blue emerges as a homage to the unabashed disco nights, promising to make a striking impact.

Application Mastery for 70s Blue Eyeshadow Looks

Expert application is just as crucial as shade selection when it comes to emulating these unforgettable looks.

Priming the Canvas

An essential first step is priming your eyelids, setting the stage for the blue hues to shine in their full glory.

Establishing the Base

Commence with a neutral, light beige or ivory base across the lid to accentuate the forthcoming blue.

Blending with Purpose

Gently sweep your chosen blue from the outer corners towards the inner eye, then blend upwards for a classic smoky effect emblematic of the 70s.

Accentuating the Crease

Introduce a darker blue to deepen the crease, adding dimension, and if you’re inspired, a shimmer can bring a touch of modernity.

The Highlighting Finish

Illuminate the brow bone and eye corner with a shimmery white or silver, capturing the true sparkle of the 70s.

Modernizing the Retro Blue Eyeshadow Look

Though rooted in the past, subtle contemporary twists can make these looks fresh and wearable.

The Contemporary Wing

A crisp winged liner adds a modern contour to the timeless blue eyeshadow. Choose black for contrast or navy to stay within the blue palette.

Mascara: The Modern Twist

Enhance the lashes with volumizing mascara to bring a current feel while keeping the eyeshadow center stage.

Nude Lips: The Balancing Act

Balancing the vibrant eyes, a nude lip lends the look a fresh appeal, maintaining the focus on the expressive eyes.

Accessorizing with 70s Inspiration

Your accessories should complement, not compete with your makeup—think oversized shades, hoop earrings, and headscarves to complete your look.

Ensuring the Durability of Your 70s Look

To keep your makeup intact from dusk till dawn, finish with a setting spray that either nods to the matte textures of the era or introduces a dewy, updated shine.

Celebrating the Iconic Style of 70s Blue Eyeshadow Looks

Embracing 70s makeup is an act of bold creativity. With the right colors, blending techniques, and modern adaptations, your 70s blue eyeshadow look won’t just pay tribute to a bygone era—it will also add a trendsetting facet to your beauty repertoire. Embrace the electric blues and let your lids speak volumes with the timeless charm of the 70s.

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