7 Critical Tips for Finding the Best Tanning Beds for Sale Near You


The hunt for the best tanning beds for sale near you can be daunting owing to the myriad of options available. This thorough guide is meant to ease your decision-making process.

Chapter 1: Distinguishing Different Kinds of Tanning Beds

Modern-day tanning beds have come a long way in terms of diversity and appeal. Be it conventional lie-down beds, stand-up varieties, or the advanced high-pressure ones – you’ll find them designed for varying user needs.

best tanning beds for sale

Lie-Down Tanning Beds

These rank among the most frequently found tanning beds for sale. They come equipped with UV light tubes arranged in a line under a glass panel where the user reclines for tanning.

Upright Tanning Beds

While somewhat rare, these verticle tanning beds for sale allow the user to move within the enclosed space, ensuring a uniform tan.

Deluxe High-Pressure Tanning Beds

The crème de la crème of tanning beds for sale, these models are equipped with cutting-edge technology to offer a safer, long-lasting tan. They are a common sight in premium tanning salons.

Chapter 2: Selecting Your Perfect Tanning Bed

When hunting for the best tanning beds for sale near you, bear in mind a few important factors to find the model tailored to your personal needs.

Personal Skin Assessment and Tanning Goal

Your skin type and tanning goal play a decisive role in selecting a suitable tanning bed. If you possess lighter skin or are susceptible to sunburn, a bed with a lower UV intensity may work best for you.

Location Constraints

The overall dimensions of the tanning bed are another crucial aspect. For instance, stand-up tanning units generally require lesser room than traditional lie-in tanning beds.

Energy Consumption and Running Costs

High-end, high-pressure beds may draw more power, resulting in increased utility charges—a factor worthy of consideration before making a purchase.

Chapter 3: Identifying the Ideal Place to Buy Tanning Beds Near You

Finding the best tanning beds for sale near you opens up an array of options. Beauty supplies and salon commence stores often stock both new and used models. Auction platforms and classified ads can be great for less expensive variants.

Online Shopping Platforms

They serve as excellent sources for securing quality tanning beds at competitive pricing.

Local Stockists

A visit to a local dealer enables you to check the bed firsthand before you acquire it.

Tanning Salons

Tanning salons often update their equipment, selling their pre-owned ones, thereby providing a chance to invest in a high-grade device at a lower cost.

Chapter 4: Ensuring Your Tanning Bed Stays in Prime Condition

Once you’ve found the perfect tanning bed for sale near you, it’s crucial to uphold it with good maintenance practices—essential for extending its lifespan and ensuring superior performance.

Routine Cleaning

It’s a must-do to clean the bed after usage to guarantee sterility and consistent performance.

Bulb Replacement

With times your tanning bed’s bulb performance may dip. It’s crucial to change them with brand new ones to ensure the tanning process’s efficiency.

Snagging the best tanning beds for sale near you needs a thorough understanding of various aspects like your personal tanning goals, budget constraints, and upkeep requirements. With this all-inclusive guide, your journey to find the ideal tanning bed is set to be a cakewalk! For more information check out how you could be discovering the best tanning bed prices and services near you!

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