7 Essential Tips on Using Standing Tanning Booths Effectively

Standing Tanning Booths: A Comprehensive Insight

Standing tanning booths, a modern replacement for the traditional horizontal tanning beds, are a popular choice for many. This article provides an in-depth understanding of these booths, how to use them, their benefits, and a lot more.

An Overview of Standing Tanning Booths

Vertical tanning beds or standing tanning booths are designed with a 360-degree pattern of ultraviolet (UV) lights. This unique arrangement ensures an equal exposure of UV light to every part of your body, without the need for turning over or repositioning.

standing tanning booths

The Advantages of Standing Tanning Booths

Standing tanning booths offer several benefits.

  • Even Tanning: The 360-degree design provides a more uniform tan compared to traditional beds.
  • Hygienic: As you’re not in contact with a shared surface, it’s deemed more sanitary.
  • Comfort: It’s a comfortable option for those who feel confined in traditional beds.
  • Efficiency: Stronger bulbs in these booths help you achieve your desired tan quicker.

The Tanning Process Explained

Your skin produces a pigment called melanin when exposed to UV light, resulting in a tan. Tanning booths use two types of UV light – UVA and UVB. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, triggering melanin production, while UVB rays enhance melanin production.

Proper Usage of Standing Tanning Booths

Using standing tanning booths is relatively simple. However, following certain steps can enhance safety and effectiveness.

  1. Skin Preparation: Cleanse your skin thoroughly and remove any makeup or skincare products before entering the booth.
  2. Take Protective Measures: Wear eye protection and apply SPF lip balm to safeguard your lips from UV light.
  3. Position Correctly: Stand centrally in the booth with arms and legs slightly apart for even UV light distribution.
  4. Control Duration: Begin with short sessions and gradually increase time as your skin acclimatizes to the UV light. Avoid overexposure to prevent skin damage.
  5. Post-tan Care: Moisturize your skin after each session to maintain hydration and extend the life of your tan.

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Selecting the Right Tanning Booth

When deciding on a standing tanning booth, consider factors like UV light intensity, booth size, bulb quality, and safety features. It’s essential to select a booth that matches your skin type and tanning objectives.

Safety Precautions for Standing Tanning Booths

Although standing tanning booths can provide an appealing tan, responsible use is crucial to mitigate any potential risks. Always wear eye protection, manage your exposure time wisely, and refrain from using a tanning booth if you’re under 18 or have a history of skin cancer.

In Conclusion

Standing tanning booths offer an efficient and convenient method to achieve an even and beautiful tan. With proper usage and precautionary measures, they can be a safer alternative to sunbathing. Remember, moderation and protection are keys to a healthy tan. Enjoy your tanning session!

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